Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chocolate Pot de Creme

First, I want to mention I saw a similar recipe like this on That skinny chick can bake recently and just new I had to try this.  Then I turn on my TV today and on Food Network Anne Thornton of Dessert First is making a Chocolate Pot de Creme Brulee.  I couldn't take it.  So though I'm not really suppose to be making desserts until we get to Japan and settle in I figured there was no rule saying I couldn't make it and just not eat it all.  Once I realized that in 3 weeks all of my kitchen stuff is going to be packed up completely and I won't see it again for almost 60 days I totally freaked and had to make something yummy.  I mean 60 days without my kitchen, without my whisks, without my mixer and food processor and all my favorite pots and pans and my cast iron skillet, it just made me quite sad.  But this fixed it.  Can't be sad with this in front of you!  I did half of these just with chocolate the other half I added about 1 tbsp. of peanut butter to and swirled it in. The peanut butter was really good in it but then again, peanut butter and chocolate is always awesome together.  So it is up to you if you wanna throw some peanut butter in yours or not.    

Chocolate Pot de Creme

6 oz. chopped bittersweet chocolate
2 c. heavy cream
Pinch of instant espresso powder
6 egg yolks
1/3 c. sugar

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Arrange 6 (6-ounce) ramekins in a roasting pan.  In a saucepan, combine the heavy cream, chopped chocolate and instant espresso powder and bring almost to a simmer over medium heat. Using a whisk, combine the ingredients until the chocolate melts completely and the mixture is smooth.  Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in large bowl to blend for a few minutes, until almost a pale yellow color. Gradually whisk in the hot chocolate mixture and stir until the ingredients are incorporated.  Do this very slowly so you don't scramble your eggs.  Divide the custard equally among the cups using either a 4-ounce ladle or a 6-ounce ladle.  I put a strainer over the top of my ramekins to make sure no extra bits of egg or anything ended up in my custards. Using a wet paper towel, clean up the sides of the ramekins, if needed. Pour enough hot water into the pan to come halfway up the sides of the cups. Bake the custards until just set around the edges but still soft in the center, 35 to 40 minutes. Carefully remove the ramekins from the water. Refrigerate, uncovered, until cold.  I served mine with homemade whipped cream.

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  1. Wow, your pots de creme look fabulous! And I like your tweaks (two of my kiddos love that chocolate-pb combo!). Good luck with your move...glad you took the time to squeeze in such a yummy treat :)

    PS...thanks for the shout out~

  2. Thanks for visiting and following A Well-Seasoned Life. I'm your newest follower. I would love to invite you to my dessert linky party on Sweet Indulgences Sunday. Your pots de creme would be a welcome addition.


  3. These look divine! Good luck with your move - wow I can't imagine being without my kitchen for that long! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm following you now as well!

  4. ohhh..that looks so good and so very easy. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  5. Hi!
    That looks delicious. I also love the farmers market for the best and freshest fruits and veggies. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I'm your newest follower.

  6. That looks so yummy! I love making creme brulee but I've never made a chocolate pot de creme. I think I'll have to try it soon!

  7. yummy what else can I say if I served this to my teens they would be in heaven