Friday, January 6, 2012

Egg & Toast Breakfast Bowls

My husband actually surprised me by making these the other day and I'm just in love with them.  They are so simple but sooooo delicious and it is just so versatile.  The new healthier 2012 me is trying to eat eggs for breakfast everyday and only eat whole grains so he uses white bread for his egg bowls and he uses whole wheat bread for the ones for me and the kids.  You can cook bacon and use that but he opted to use ham slices in ours.  He even says he's going to cook some sausage and put it in the bottom of his with some cheese then add the egg.  Yum!  These are so quick.  I love that you can quickly assemble them in the morning, start getting the kids ready for school and 12 minutes later your breakfast is completely ready with no watching or stirring or mixing on your part.  I think I love him more for making this for me! The recipe below makes four individual bowl, one for each person in my house. Also you can use butter in the muffin tin and on top of the bread for extra taste, but I'm avoiding dairy. 

Egg & Toast Breakfast Bowl

4 large eggs
4 pieces 100% whole wheat bread
8 slices of deli ham
Cooking Spray
Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.  Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray so the bread doesn't stick and you can get these out after you make them.  Press your toast in and press it to form a circle all the way around the inside of the muffin hole.  Add to pieces of ham (or more if you want) and then drop in a whole egg.  Add some salt and pepper to the top of your egg.  Spray the top of the bread with cooking spray so it gets a nice golden color while cooking.  Bake about 12 minutes for a nice over easy egg.  Yummy!! 

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