Monday, April 18, 2011

Corned Beef & Egg Sandwich -"The Leewich"

I made my husband an egg, cheese and corned beef sandwich when he came home for lunch today.  He loves his eggs over easy so when I do egg sandwiches for him I always do them over easy despite the mess factor.  When I cut the sandwich open and put it down in front of him he asked me why I wasn't taking pictures of his sandwich.  I told him the sandwich wasn't anything special, just a sandwich but he was so excited about his ooey gooey egg yolk mess that he insisted I take pictures of it for my blog.  So, the picture is of him holding up the sandwich for me to take a picture.  I made myself one as well and I do agree with him, it is a fantastic sandwich though nothing overly special.  So he felt this sandwich should be named after him (his name is Lee) hence the name "Leewich".  It is manly man sandwich.  My husband is on a high protein diet as well as he lifts weights a good bit so I always try to make him high protein lunches.  This sandwich packs a whopping 48 grams of protein.

The Leewich

2 slices of toast
3 oz. corned beef, thin sliced
2 oz. provolone cheese
2 eggs

Spray pan with nonstick spray and drop in your two eggs.  Cook them how you like.  I choose to do ours over easy.  While they were cooking I toasted my bread.  I added mayonnaise to one side and mustard to the other.  I added the eggs.  Then I placed the corned beef in the hot skillet and cooked until warm.  I added the cheese on top of the corned beef in the skillet it to allow it a chance to melt.  I then added it on top of the eggs.  Hope you enjoy!

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